For a Concerted Reinvention

About me:

Bringing companies to learn to integrate new processes that integrate everyone's contribution, developing a sense of belonging, encouraging accountability. At 42 years old, with a successful career as an IT manager in a multinational company, I decided to use my experience and multi-plse skills in the services of TME/ETI. I then set out to retrain as a professional coach and RNCP certified team. My experience of corporate life coupled with my approach as a coach allows me to accompany me adapted to the complexity of your structure. I aspire to change the vision of our society by providing psycho-social, managerial and positive tools that can create a world of tomorrow that is more collaborative and respectful of everyone.

The pillars of my experience


My service offer

I take charge of setting up your IT project by integrating all stages of project management.
- Feasibility study
- General/detailed specification.
- Piloting / Planning / Budget Monitoring
- Validation / Production
- Driving change


  • By the Digispin qualification : Bronze
  • By offering predefined services : No

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