For a Concerted Reinvention

About me:

After starting my career as a scientific engineer, I joined the management consulting profession out of conviction. What drives me today are organizational and managerial transformations, at the point where change management drives operational excellence. I am involved in project management, decision making support and team coaching. Perceived as a "servant-leader" as benevolent as a secure presence, my drivers are inspired by managerial innovation and are focused on listening, co-construction and a agile, pragmatic, customer-oriented and result-oriented "quick-win" action.

The pillars of my experience

- Change management (IMCM certified)
- Operational excellence (certified Black-belt Lean 6s and BPM process expert)
- Agility (certified SAFe agility at scale, SPC-RTE)
- Digital (certified ESSEC digital leadership)
- Project management (core of skills)

My service offer

Organizational and managerial transformations
- head of change management
- project management
- managerial decision making
- team coaching


  • By the Digispin qualification : Bronze
  • By offering predefined services : No

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