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About me:

For the past 10 years, I have been enthusiastically and enthusiastically supporting the leaders of TPE and SMEs in all sectors of activity to boost their growth. The experience of the first 25 years of my career in business management functions in the IT services sector naturally led me to intervene both strategically and operationally. I help leaders to emerge their goals, to build and then control their action plans and to optimize their organizations and processes to be always efficient in an increasingly changing and above all uncertain market! Two issues are paramount today for these SMEs: their digital transformation and the commitment of their teams. To undertake a digital transformation within his company is to rely on digital tools to energize his business, to be more efficient, to engage his teams, propose new offers, even to evolve his business model. That's why, with the aim of always better supporting my clients, I have built two strategic partnerships for my firm: Advanseez, publisher of a collaborative digital solution of goal management and Digispin"

The pillars of my experience

To energize the growth of your business you wonder:

- on your strategy: how do I set out my strategic goals in equities?
- on your communication
- on your business approach and your customer journey: how to optimize and/or digitize all the processes to meet the multi-channel demands of my prospects and customers and satisfy them even better?
- on your business organisation: direct vs. indirect, loyalty vs. field exploration vs. sedentary,
- on your business information system: choice of solution, lack of time and project skills of your teams, process, ....
- on your business performance: dashboards, KPI
- etc.......

The pillars of my offer are built around each of these issues

My service offer


-Get out of everyday life enjoy the mirror effect of an entrepreneur, digitize your practices.
- Experience the unique experience of coaching supported by a web application to decide, act and gain performance

- Take advantage of digital technology and switch to workshop mode to stimulate creativity, give meaning to action and develop team performance.
- Take in our expert experience to increase efficiency.

#3 TIP

- Full strategic audit of your business activity: Often used to define the factual state of the company's strategy (internal and external)
- Thematic workshops for study, audit and optimization: Customer journey, Business organisation, business process, KPI, dashboards, statistics ...

#3 Interventions in Project Mode
-CRM: help with choice and implementation of solution
-Website, sales or communication materials: help with content design and writing


  • By the Digispin qualification : Bronze

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