For a Concerted Reinvention

About me:

"I have been passionately and enthusiastically supporting SME managers from all sectors of activity for the development and transformation of their businesses for more than 10 years. The experience of the first 25 years of my career in business management functions in the IT services sector naturally led me to intervene both strategically and operationally. I help leaders develop their goals, build and then pilot their strategic and operational plans. Today, in the new "normality" that is taking hold, filled with uncertainties, SMEs must inevitably accelerate their transformation, activating the digital lever in particular, to adapt, react and not disappear. This is why, with the aim of always better supporting companies, I have built digital consulting offers, adapted to SMEs, using Advanseez, a collaborative digital goal management solution I joined DIGISPIN: first as a certified expert at the end of 2019, then as AN SME Consulting Partner, since November 2020

The pillars of my experience

I help SME managers adapt, react (or even survive for some) in an increasingly complex and uncertain environment; based on their vision and to meet their challenges, we formalize together their strategy, co-build the roadmap for the next few years (strategic plan) and then support the leader in the management of the plan and that of the implementation projects.

- For this, I built 360-degree diagnostics that include the digital dimension and are customized for each company
--> internal diagnosis around 4 pillars: strategic business axes, customer journeys, processes, management and teams
--> external benchmark: sectoral competition, ecosystem (suppliers, partners, customers, regulations), new uses, ...)
- I run digital workshops that mobilize collective intelligence in person or at a distance.

To learn more, do not hesitate to visit my site https:// [xxxxxxx] or read my blog which covers my 3 areas of expertise (Strategy, digital transformation and business performance: https:// [xxxxxxx] /blog/

My service offer

-> Formalization strategy and strategic plan in collective intelligence mode
-> Help piloting start-up plan and piloting operational projects

- Get out of the everyday life benefit from the mirror effect of an entrepreneur, digitalize your practices.
- Experience the unique experience of coaching supported by a web application

WORKSHOP DIGITALISE --> collective intelligence
-Take advantage of digital and switch to workshop mode to stimulate creativity, make sense of action and develop team performance.

- Experience a unique digital seminar and mobilize your teams sustainably.
- Capitalize on collective intelligence to co-build your strategy and action plan.


  • By the Digispin qualification : Bronze
  • By offering predefined services : No

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