For a Concerted Reinvention

About me:

In-house consultant within a large digital services group, passionate about social sciences and innovative "customer-oriented" approaches, I now want to share my experiences for a global and sustainable support of your company.

The pillars of my experience

As a team and project manager in the network services and IT sector, I have cross-bred operational production, delivery and service teams to get the best customer experience.

My experiences acquired and developed:
- My closeness to employees is an important element in understanding what is at stake in real-world work situations. This involves listening to their daily difficulties, most often unidentified in the reports and therefore not apprehended by management. Employees can also find "tricks" that can become a source of innovation. Let's put the intelligence of the employees to the benefit of the company...
- For this, the management and organization of the work must give room for manoeuvre, promote the spaces of discussion, rather than seek to control everything and prescribe everything ... Real cooperation will be possible if employees can make sense of their day-to-day activities.
- Not to mention, products and services offered to meet the real and current needs of customers! Strategies and plans to develop multi-year projects may no longer be relevant... What if, today, we really listened to the customers. What they say and especially what they don't say!

Listening to you, to make your company benefit from my experiences and my skills.

My service offer

A (actually) Concerted Reinvention requires a transformation of your business. Transformation is not only digital, it is also "social". Without consideration of the latter, you probably won't get the success you're expecting.

I propose an effective methodology with implementation in your company:
1 - Make a "socio-organizational" evaluation of your company to understand its culture, its ways of organizing and relations, and the experience of employees.
-> To develop a "plan" of transformation relevant in its content and form.

At collective intelligence workshops, various actions are carried out to:

2 - identify available internal resources and innovations (not just "products") that meet the real needs of your customers, current and future.
-> Are the strategic studies of large firms still relevant today and do they respond to YOUR context?

3 - test "minimalist" products/services to verify relevance and learn from your current or potential customers and identify impacts on internal organization.
-> To really optimize your investments and adapt the organization of activities.

4 - define and implement: products/services and internal target organization.
-> Your teams that contributed to the development will be "promoters" and adopt the new organization.

A tip: You will then need to set up a regular watch to get a sustainable performance from your business.


  • Thematic : Sustainable Transformation
  • By the Digispin qualification : Bronze
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