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About me:

Bringing companies to learn to integrate new processes that integrate everyone's contribution, developing a sense of belonging, encouraging accountability. At 42 years old, with a successful career as an IT manager in a multinational company, I decided to use my experience and multi-plse skills in the services of TME/ETI. I then set out to retrain as a professional coach and RNCP certified team. My experience of corporate life coupled with my approach as a coach allows me to accompany me adapted to the complexity of your structure. I aspire to change the vision of our society by providing psycho-social, managerial and positive tools that can create a world of tomorrow that is more collaborative and respectful of everyone.

The pillars of my experience

The goal is to enable your business to perform more by taking into account well-being and relationship ease.

In summary: I want to create the conditions to reduce the distances (relational, physical), of your employees.

My service offer

During my speeches I rely on:
- classic techniques (individual, team coaching, training)
- Learning about psychological flexibility.
I lead individualised and personalized courses in relation to Quality of Life at Work (QVT) approaches according to the innovative pedagogical modality.


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