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About me:

Referencer, startupper, digital director of a large media group, then deputy general manager/administrator... I had the opportunity to gain 360-degree experience and to delve deeper into many topics. At the heart of the digital transformation of a historical actor, I have driven a dynamic and achieved results recognized by the whole profession. Today, I want to put my skills and motivation to the benefit of an ambitious project and bring my strategic vision in different sectors of activity.

The pillars of my experience

- 15 years of experience in different types of companies (Start-up, PMI, ETI)
- Definition of the strategic development plan (organization, process, transformation, HR, etc.), application and implementation of the entire diversification dimension.
- Management of an ETI (1,000 employees - 70 million euros in sales)
- Directorate of digital transformation of a historic company

My service offer

Digital transformation is an unavoidable milestone for the majority of companies, regardless of the sector. However, the latter can only be accompanied by the support of all employees!

From choosing new tools to evangelizing with resources.... I support companies of all sizes, all sectors in their transformations and the management of their innovation... While placing human beings and dialogue at the top of my priorities.

Each mission is divided into different phases:
- An audit of needs
- The definition and validation of a strategy and action plans
- Tailor-made support tailored to your particular context

The ultimate goal: to accelerate the digital transformation of the company to optimize performance!


  • By the Digispin qualification : Bronze
  • By offering predefined services : No

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