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About me:

I'm a professional coach, with an ACC credential from ICF. I mainly work along with startups executives to help them make tough decisions serenely, keep momentum and stay focused on their hyper growth. I have worked for more than 10 years mainly in sales, business development and projects management roles in the High Tech industry -for big US corporations, for a French SMB SaaS provider, and for my own entrepreneurship business. My rich experience and my coach posture give me the ability to adapt to any vertical and to any company size.

The pillars of my experience


My service offer

I mainly accompany the leaders of startups and ETI to serve as an external right-hand man of trust. I coach them to stay resilient and focused on their growth goals when faced with major challenges and high pressure.

I also work with founders and business leaders on the sales/business development side, with tailored accompaniments can cover three levels:

--> 1. your business, to allow you to:
- adapt your business strategy and plan to your changing market
- improve the execution of your teams by structuring your processes, sales methodologies and performance management tools

--> 2. you, the leader of a business organization, to:
- develop your leadership
- retain your sales teams and maintain their motivation at a high level
- create a culture of "high performance"
- change the mindset and behaviors that limit the growth of your organization

--> 3. members of your trade force, to:
- to increase their skills
- help them cope with the challenges they face throughout the sales cycle
- help you identify the "high potentials" and develop their talent for an evolution in a middle manager position to strengthen the structure of your organization


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