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About me:

I am committed to supporting SMEs on their growth projects and digital transformation issues, with pragmatism and efficiency! My strengths in summary: 30 years in strategic and operational marketing, especially in BtoB, technological and complex environments, in all market segments (volume and value).

The pillars of my experience

30 years in strategic and operational marketing, particularly in BtoB, technological and complex environments (SaaS, software, service services, eLearning), in all market segments (volume and value).
-- a strong capacity for vision, analysis and deployment, which allowed me to support several digital transformation projects: customer journey, process business, global CRM.
-- in-depth knowledge of direct and indirect business organizations and omnichannel/digital marketing devices to be implemented to support customer acquisition and retention.
-- a solid mastery of the digital ecosystem and IS projects (data and interfaces, repositories and structuring of databases, technology and solutions)
- a proven experience of supporting change: convinced of the power of the collective, I know how to embark teams and strengthen collaborative synergies.

My service offer

Accompanying strategic thinking
Evaluation of equity and investment priorities
Specification and planning of investment projects
Conducting transformation projects


The digital customer journey and the acceleration of business
From social media post stoms to web forms, enrichcrm for effective feedback from sales teams and customer service
#leadgen #marketingautomation #inboundmarketing#selfcare

Synergy and collective efficiency
Accompanying change with teams, fostering support for the company's issues, vision and values, to create a strong and committed collective

Accelerating growth
Identify new business relays for better market/project coverage or the conquest of high potential markets
Optimize internal ADV/Commerce/Service processes to increase efficiency


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  • By the Digispin qualification : Bronze
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