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About me:

I am a person with an atypical background and fully guided by passion. I first worked in higher military positions where I had the opportunity to measure and calibrate the leading version of management. Digital transformation is the axis through which I think of the transverse evolution of companies. My strength is in strategic modeling, the design and restitution of functional and operational schemes, the development of marketing action plans and commercial structuring especially via the power of digital channels. I benefit from a rich expertise and a solid network allowing me to think and write GoToMarket Strategies but also in the context of implementation in Africa. At your service to accompany and win your challenges in order to give its share of efficiency to your entity through the different facets of Digital. To develop your business in France or Africa: We say what we do - we do what we say!

The pillars of my experience

Since 2001, I have had the opportunity to lead organizations in my beginnings on the commercial and operational phase until I fully managed the structures since 2005. Coming from a career of High Military Studies, I was not intended to manage in agility as we know it in 2020.
Digital, BtoC, BtoB, large companies, SMEs, e-commerce, StartUp, France, Japan, Israel, Morocco, Africa are part of my journey.
Marketing channels, GoToMarket strategies, knowledge of the plurality of targets and types of companies are for me a real asset in the execution and knowledge that allows me to strategically and cross-cuttingly to improve the efficiency of people and organizations through new technologies and digital technology.
Digital has been a passion for more than 20 years that has allowed me to drive efficiently, visibility and measure the teams I had to manage, the methods I had to think about and the processes I had to drive.

My service offer

Expert in NLP and Neurolinguistic Programming, I first started my consulting business by chance that professional life sometimes knows how to offer us. Tribunes and Interview in the National Press, Coaching and Coaching of Manager of large companies on operational management issues, Modeling the cross-cutting processes of companies in creation and in strong development, or even Lecturer in major events of national dimension but also abroad, have punctuated my last 8 years.

It is therefore quite natural that I structured my approach and the expression of my know-how in order to know how to respond to today's challenges, those that I have also been able to succeed or stumble against during my career as a contemporary boss. At your service!

So I suggest you understand your vision in order to find the approach or digital approaches that will allow you to live up to your ambitions while flying on sight.

At your service: We say what we do, we do what we say!


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