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About me:

After 20 years in business in the field of BI and BIG DATA, I created my company to bring my experience in engineering and training to companies needing to advance in their digitalization. I can intervene from the definition of need to the realization of your projects.

The pillars of my experience

Passionate about data, I support companies in their digital transformation by helping them collect and process data that will enable them to improve their business.

With 20 years of experience in THE field of BI and big data in the world of telecoms, I founded Mach2 Consulting to meet new challenges by helping companies move forward in their digital transformation.

My service offer

Mach2 Consulting offers services on two levels: on the one hand by technically intervening to help you define, implement or evolve your data management to enable you to advance your business and on the other hand in you training in tools and techniques that will allow you to be autonomous and more efficient in-house.

Our bespoke services are guaranteed to specifically meet your needs.


  • By the Digispin qualification : Bronze
  • By offering predefined services : No

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