For a Concerted Reinvention

About me:

Expert Consultant After 20 years of experience in marketing and IT, within companies belonging to various sectors, I developed a cultural bilingualism that allowed me to identify the difficulties experienced by both business and IT teams during digital projects.More that anything, I am looking to help companies to take the necessary step aside that will allow them, through a new and shared vision, to optimize their efforts in achieving their strategic and operational digitalization objectives.

The pillars of my experience

After spending 10 years in positions with marketing responsibility and then almost as many years leading important IT projects with the Information Systems Directorates, I realized that it was essential that the various company's businesses learn to work together to move forward.

My service offer

I help SME leaders to have a global vision of their company and to share it with the teams to solve the performance problems of past and ongoing digital projects.
I am convinced that an ambitious project is not necessarily a profitable project because if it is not thought out in a global way it does not respond properly to the problem.
I support the company on all phases of the project: from the definition of the strategy to its operational implementation.
My conviction: the prerequisite for a successful project is a strategic vision shared by all the players in the company.


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