For a Concerted Reinvention

About me:

I conduct and accompany transformation projects. I teach in business schools (ESSEC, ESCP): Project Management, Change Management, Leadership and Team Management.

The pillars of my experience

In 30 years of experience, I have developed two skill pillars:
- managing complex and international projects
- supporting organisations, teams and people in a situation of change

My service offer

You are a small business, PMI, ETI, you wonder about the evolution of your industry and the possible consequences for your organization. Depending on your issues, I will accompany you in your strategic reflections and in implementing the changes to be made:

- to your business model
- to your business model
- how your teams work

You expect effective solutions that secure and optimize your goals.

My various activities (advice, training, studies) take into account your needs:
- the ability to manage and adapt your organization in the face of complexity and uncertainty
- the balance to be created between day-to-day management and preparation for the future
- the terms of engagement and the terms of cooperation of your teams


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