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SMART LEADERS Asnières-sur-Seine

Digispin expert. My job is to make each individual a Smart Leader to transform organizations into Smart Companies, i.e. able to be employable and performing in the digital age, in a sustainable and responsible way, respectively. I work on the trades and skills of the future in a forward-looking, strategic and operational way, convinced that this is the major asset of tomorrow's organizations. I also intervene on new business models and transformation projects, especially related to digitalization, data/AI, scale agility or innovation management, whether managerial, technological or social. I am author of the blog Monjobcest me . com and the book "Smart Leaders" (2019 , Ellipses) on employability and skills of the future, and co-founder of the 1st network of Alumni of major schools and universities on social innovation and ESS issues.

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